XTRAVAGANZA (2000-2002)

XTRAVAGANZA draws on the history of multi-media entertainment, ranging from the film exhibitions of the 1910’s to the Busby Berkeley dance numbers of the 1930’s. XTRAVAGANZA mixes these early forms with current spectacular musical entertainment, including trip-hop music and video. XTRAVAGANZA “samples” fragments of the theatrical past through the language of contemporary DJ and VJ culture.

Many early musical revues and stage extravaganzas can be seen as the multi-media spectacles of their own time, combining technological devices, music, stage design, text, and movement in a spectacular event intended to transport its audience. The pioneering artists featured in XTRAVANGANZA, Loie Fuller, Steele McKaye, Busby Berkeley, and Florence Zigfeld are quoted, explored, and celebrated for their fantastic, futuristic, and sometimes failed visions of a new era.

Direction and text compilation by Marianne Weems

Dramaturgy by Norman Frisch
Sound Design by Dan Dobson
Video Design by Peter Norrman
Set Design by John Cleater
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton

Moe Angelos
Aimee Guillot
Peter Jacobs
Bravo LaFortune
Heaven Phillips
Jeff Webster

Choreography by David Neumann and Shelley Lasica
Costumes by Wren Crosley
Video Associate, Jeff Morey
Sound Associate, Robert McLean
Lighting Associates, Erik Bruce, Allen Hahn
Production Manager, Joseph Silovsky
Assistant Directors, Shelley Lasica and Amantha May

Produced by Renata Petroni and The Builders Association

In October-November 2000, XTRAVAGANZA was presented at Kaaitheater, Brussels; the Rotterdam Schouwburg; Le Maillon, Strasbourg; Mousonturm, Frankfurt; Le Volcan, Le Havre.

In 2001, it was shown at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and was presented by Performing Arts Chicago at the Athenaeum Theater, Chicago.

In Spring 2002, XTRAVAGANZA had a three-week run at St. Ann’s Warehouse.