SUPER VISION (2005-2006)

Conceived and created by The Builders Association & dbox.

SUPER VISION explores the changing nature of our relationship to living in a post-private society, where personal electronic information is constantly collected and distributed. The data files collected on us circulate like extra bodies, and these “data bodies” carry stains that are harder to clean than mud or sin; from birth certificates to bad credit, every moment of activity contributes to the construction of one’s own data body.

In post-9/11 daily life, we have come to accept, allow, and even encourage this new post-visual form of surveillance and its constant incursions into the realm of our “selves.” What forces encourage our permissiveness and engagement in the process of collecting this data and making it public, and what will the results of it be?

In SUPER VISION, three stories collide on the edge of the datasphere: 1. As he crosses successive borders, a solitary traveler gradually reveals all of his information, until his identity becomes transparent, with no part of his life left outside the bounds of dataveillance. 2. A young woman digitally archives her failing grandmother’s past, and 3. A father covertly exploits his young son’s data until the ploy escalates beyond the father’s control. His wife and son are left with a starkly diminished data portrait, and his escape is shadowed by the long reach of the datasphere.

SUPER VISION is a collaboration between the New York-based performance and media ensemble The Builders Association and dbox, a multidisciplinary studio whose work explores the intersection of visual arts and architecture through 3D digital media.

SUPER VISION is dedicated to the memory of friend, supporter, and board member Susan Sontag (1933-2004).