IMPERIAL MOTEL (Faust)(1996)

IMPERIAL MOTEL (Faust) is a cross-media performance which encompasses several versions of “Faust”, including a new version written for the company by John Jesurun, as well as many past versions. Set in a motel room surrounded by cameras, the performance revolves around a latter-day American Faust, “wrestling with his demons” in an anonymous, modern space, and a more nostalgic German Faust, recreating and recording older versions of the parable. Through this “live film,” the two Fausts encountered a variety of characterizations of Gretchen, Wagner, and other stock characters.

IMPERIAL MOTEL (Faust) was a co-production with the Theater Neumarkt in Zurich, Switzerland, where it ran for four weeks at a train station entirely refurbished for the production, and was performed in English and German.

Directed by Marianne Weems

Performed by Kyle DeCamp and Jeff Webster from The Builders Association and Susanne-Marie Wrange, Michael Neuenschwander, and Ella Buchi from the Theater Neumarkt.

Video and Sound Design by Ben Rubin with contributions by Chris Kondek
Sound Design and Original Music Composition by Dan Dobson
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton
Set Design by John Cleater
Costume Design by Ellen McCartney

MAY-NOV 1996
Commissioned by, developed, and performed at the Theater Neumarkt, Zurich, Switzerland