The Builders Association


Conceived and created by The Builders Association & dbox

Directed by Marianne Weems
Conception by James Gibbs, Marianne Weems, Matthew Bannister, Charles d'Autremont, Dan Dobson

Text by Constance De Jong
Additional Text by company members
Initial Story Development by Jed Weintrob and Andrew Osborne

Performed by:
Moe Angelos
Kyle deCamp
Rizwan Mirza
David Pence
Tanya Selvaratnam
Joseph Silovsky
Harry Sinclair

On video:
Owen Philip as John Jr.

Set and Costume Design by Stewart Laing
Lighting Design by Jennifer Tipton and Allen Hahn
Virtual Design by dbox
Video Design by Peter Flaherty
Sound Design and Original Music Composition by Dan Dobson

Neal Wilkinson, Production Manager
Joseph Silovsky, Technical Director
Jamie McElhinney, Technical Manager
Jeff Morey, Video Associate
Hal Eagar, Video Associate (Courtesy of The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre)

Additional artists who contributed to this production include:

David Pence originated the part of John Sr.
Chris Kondek (video designer)
Jeff Webster (performer)

Moe Angelos (demographics researcher)
Kelly Cooper (research associate)
Alison Currie (production assistant)
David Gould (performer)
Francesca Harper (choreographer)
Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck (video assistant)
Kimon Keramidas (assistant technical director)
Peter Kerlin (video researcher and assistant)
Ernesto Klar (production assistant)
Cheuk Yan 'Spider' Kwok (video assistant)
Steve Luber (Prologue Dramaturg and research associate)
Ela Orleans (stage manager)
Michelle Phillips (costume design assistant)
Kate Richards (project documentarist)
Isis Saratial Misdary (associate assistant director)
Josh Schmidt (sound assistant)
Harry Sinclair (performer)
Kevin Slavin (demographics consultant)
Kate Stannard (assistant director)
Gabriele Voerhinger (production assistant)

Many thanks for their essential contributions toward the development of SUPER VISION.

Super Vision was created with the support, commitment, and artistry of the entire dbox team: Mark Bannister, Mark Bodal, Keith Bomely, Scott Davison, Jonathan Doyle, Mark Gleghorn, Jessica Haas, Christa Hamilton, Uken Huang, Kim Hyunsuk, David Jaubert, Gloria Kim, Lisa Kim, Kayako Kobayashi, Tang Ku, Ai Le, Marc Lin, Alex Martin, Gina Matsui, Clark Nelson, Michele Orosz, Martin Solarte, Peter Wildman, Daniel Yao, Phillis Yeh. Thanks especially to Ivor Ip for his ongoing involvement.