The Builders Association

Project Description
Images & Video
Contributing Artists

Marianne Weems, Director

John Cleater, Project Director/Designer
Peter Norrman, Video Designer
Bertie Ferdman, Dramaturg
Mirit Tal, Media Design Associate and Blog Designer

Institute for Collaborative Education:
Student collaborators/designers: Kieran Bretz, Jonathan Candelaria, Shanice Edwards, Ian Irwin, Max Katz, Celina Leroy, Danae Lopez, Josh Resnick, and Atasia Richardson
Additional contributions by Lara Goetzl, Jeanine Rivera, Margarita Zhitivikora
Meryl Meisler, Artist/Educator and Liason
John Pettinato, Principal

The first phase of this project was developed with students from the Brooklyn College Community Partnership.