The Builders Association

Jeff Morey, Video Associate

Jeff Morey is a media and interaction designer, and has programmed and designed software and video for productions by 3-Legged Dog. He has also been a long-time collaborator and video/software designer with The Builders Association, having designed for and toured XTRAVAGANZA, ALLADEEN, SNOWDAY (via Creative Time), and SUPER VISION. He is a DJ (beautiful crissy) and has also co-produced and designed for Delicious Biscuit, a NYC performance company. Other collaborations include video and/or interactive installation projects with Diamanda Galás (Defixiones, 2005), Peter Norrman, Tanya Selvaratnam (Lincoln Center Festival, 2004), GMHC (the Museum of the City of New York, 2001). Jeff holds a masters from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. He is also a DJ under the name of Beautiful Crissy.